We would like to wish you a happy New Year.  This is just a quick note to say that you absolutely inspired us during 2014.

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You came and asked for some assistance with;

  • CV’s so that you could put your best foot forward when applying for a job,
  • Interview skills so that you could best prepare yourself for interviews,
  • Accommodation to sort out a roof over your head,
  • College options in the UK,
  • Registering on the register of electors so you could vote, have your say and implement change,
  • Applying for jobs abroad,
  • Fun stuff to do in the area,
  • Exploring all your options if you leave school early,
  • How you might volunteer locally,
  • Hear and Dare applications,
  • Summer travel options,
  • Where to go when things were not looking so good, so you might get the right sort of help,
  • For European Voluntary Service Opportunities,
  • Your rights and entitlements,
  • Student Travel Cards,
  • Student finance to assist you during college,
  • Applying for jobs online,
  • & much much more!!!

We met and chatted, emailed, tweeted, blogged, texted, posted on facebook with you : ) It has been our pleasure to meet you in colleges, schools, youth clubs and sometimes by chance on the side of the road!  We know things don’t always go to plan, but, the important thing is to make plans and more of them, and enjoy all the times that they do.  You have been very busy ensuring the future is in good hands and we really look forward to seeing you all again in 2015!!!