Summer is finally here

…… not quite the weather for it yet but we are still hopeful!!



If you find yourself spending some time looking for a job, we can help with that

  • we can do a CV for you
  • show you how to upload CV’s on to search engines
  • take you through interview techniques
  • help you with cover letters
  • All or none of the above : )  basically if there is a part of the job searching process that you’re stuck on, let us know and we can help you out.

Some will get jobs, some might not, and it is useful to spend time trying, figuring out parts that you find easy, and parts that you might find difficult and could do with a bit of help.  We are here to help, it is a free service just pop in.

It is also important not to forget that……

it’s the summer!!!…

the winter is long enough!   There will be another blog post to follow with some ideas that you can do and on a budget!

There is plenty going on all summer @ THE BOYLAN CENTRE. Pop in to the Youth Info Service at the Boylan Centre and check it out!