There was great excitement in The Boylan Centre Dun Laoghaire, as the couches were pulled over to the TV.   Everyone squished in and four teams presented their work on the effects of alcohol on young people.

Shankill Youth Project were first to present their Youtube piece ‘The Effects of Alcohol on the Family’, written and performed with great enthusiasm by young men in the project. There were strong central themes with great acting, and it inspired a conversation afterwards about the importance of making sure everyone in the group minds each other and stays safe.


Next came young men from Cois Cairn Youth Project who spoke of the fun table quiz they researched, organised and hosted on the night between the Gardaí and their Youth Workers…..  the Youth Workers won!! The young men wrote a letter inviting the members of the Gardaí to their youth club. TCoisCairn1hey put their heads down and researched facts and figures about alcohol and its effect on young people’s lives, to help form questions (some really tough!!) for their quiz. It was a great evening with tonnes of fun and a bit of learning had by all. Their pro-active approach showed a real moment of active citizenship that empowered the young men of the group as a whole.


Four young women from Sallynoggin Youth Project stood united in a line behind their graffiti wall artwork. Messages of caution and inspiration were first reasearched, and then placed with great precision on a poster that looked like a graffitied wall. This was hung up as an educational piece in their youth club. The poster inspired lots of real conversation in the club and indeed amongst the judges who thought that it would be a great idea to use this as a template for a graffiti themed wall in the youth clubs.


Then came the young women from Ballybrack Youth Project. They wrote, directed and performed flawlessly in a DVD which highlighted the effects that alcohol can have on the day to day lives of young women, whether it be sitting exams in school or on toughing it out on the soccer pitch. They also cleverly pointed to the national alcohol education website so that young people can get informed and make informed choices. The DVD was a great success.

The presentations were excellent but what really stood out was all the preparatory work that was done in the youth clubs by the young people who used different forms of media to relay the same message….be informed about alcohol and its effects on young people. Well done to the young people in Crosscare Youth Service Dun Laoghaire.