Have you ever thought about volunteering, and exploring Europe?  If so the European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme is for you!

The EVS is an EU funded programme. Travel, medical insurance, food, accommodation, training and pocket money (the amount varies depending on the project and destination) are provided, there may be a minimal contribution towards travel required.

Where can I go?

Anywhere in the EU as well as many countries bordering the EU e.g. Armenia, Norway, Serbia. (In fact it is possible to do EVS almost anywhere in the world but these further-afield projects involve a more complicated application process).

4 Steps:

  1. Find a sending organisation – your Youth Information Centre (us!) can help you with this.
  2. Find a project you like – Youth Database – Your sending organisation will help you with this!
  3. Contact the Overseas Organisation (host) – Send your CV and a motivational letter (about half a page) describing why you want to do EVS with this organisation.  Remember, EVS is not about the qualifications you have or how much work experience you have. Projects are looking for volunteers who are motivated, willing and enthusiastic, who will make a good fit with their organisation.
  4. Plan & prepare: It can take from 2 – 6 months in total to plan an EVS project. Your sending organisation is there to explain everything to you and support you throughout the process. Your sending organisation will carry out some pre-depature training with you. The content will depend on you!  ……..So Get Started Early & Get Focused!!!!


Types of Project:

Projects can range from 2 – 12months. However, it’s also worth noting that under special circumstances an EVS duration can be less than 2 months.

There is a wide range of activities and organisations available to host volunteers

  • e.g.  Animal rescue centre in Belgium, Festivals, PR and Theatre in Austria, Working in a Youth Centre in Slovenia, Working for Human rights in Moldova, Campaign for Universal Nuclear Disarmament in Belgium.

Tips searching for a project:

  • Ask your sending organisation to help you find a project.
  • The more flexible you are about where you’ll go and what you’ll do, the easier you’ll find a project.
  • EVS projects fill up very quickly and the competition between places can be tight.
  • Search the EVS database often and choose more projects to apply for until you secure a project.
  • Think carefully about each project you choose.

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