We will be doing a blog campaign with many posts highlighting the options open to you if you are thinking of leaving school early.

The first blog post will deal with

  1. Things to consider before you leave
  2. Yep….telling your parents

1.Things to consider before you leave.

  • The legal age for leaving school is 16 or after your Junior Cert –  whichever is later.
  • There are very few options for those who leave before 16.
  • It’s worth considering that the risk of unemployment is higher for young people who leave school early.
  • However, formal education isn’t an absolute necessity to a successful life.  There are many ways to succeed and many ways to educate yourself.

2.Telling your parents!

Your parents’ – V – Your viewpoint

If you make a decision to leave school early it can cause conflict.


  • Your parents may have problems with your idea of leaving school.
  • They may be concerned that you are passing up opportunities for your future.
  • They may be disappointed, because in their eyes, you are giving up opportunities in school that they may not have had.
  • They may not understand (or have forgotten!) the pressures that are involved with school.
  • There is often much more pressure on young people nowadays to achieve at school than there was in the past.
  • They may be worried about you being able to get a job.


  1. It is important to listen to their point of view.
  2. Tell them about your feelings and concerns.
  3. If you have a plan – let them know what it is.


If you feel you aren’t able to do this without help, you could ask someone you trust to help you to talk about it with your parents.

Our next post will deal with the legalities of leaving school early (don’t worry we will break it down!) and specific difficulties @ school.  In the mean time if you need any additional information or options contact us.