We are doing a blog campaign with entries highlighting the options open to you, if you are thinking of leaving school early.

The first blog post will dealt with

  1. Things to consider before you leave
  2. Yep….telling your parents.

This post will take you through – The Legal Bit.

What happens if I miss a lot of school?

  1. Your school must report any student that is missing for 20 days or more to the Educational Welfare Services.
  2. If the absence is unexplained an Educational Welfare Officer will talk to the school and then may decide to contact you in an effort to improve your school attendance (this may involve a visit to your home).

An Educational Welfare Officer will help you in whatever way they can to ensure that you get and education by either going back to school regularly or receiving an education elsewhere.

For more information you can check out the Educational Welfare Services.

Who is responsible for me attending school?

  • Under the Education (Welfare) Act 2000, your parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring that you attend school or receive an education elsewhere.

Will my parents / guardians be brought to court if I miss school?

  • The Educational Welfare Officer has your best interests in mind and will try to provide whatever supports are needed to help you to attend school.  If however, you or your family are not willing to work with the Educational Welfare Officer to make sure that you get the education you need, the matter may be referred to the courts.  Legal action is the very last option.

Our next post, Thinking of Leaving School Early #3 – Difficulties @ School , will deal with specific difficulties at school and who can help you with these and offer support and advice on how to best improve your school experience.

If you need more information on your options you can contact us.