Here is the third blog entry in our series highlighting the options open to you, if you are thinking of leaving school early.

Entry #1  Things to consider before you leave.

Entry #2  The Legal Bit.

This third entry will concentrate on specific Difficulties @ School.

Remember if you are unhappy in school. There are people who are willing to help and offer you support and advice on how best to improve your school experience, or discuss what other options are out there.  For more information you can check out the Educational Welfare Service Contacts.

I am being bullied in school – who can help?

  • Your school should have an anti-bullying policy that states what will be done if someone is being bullied. Tell your parents and / or a teacher in school what is happening. Don’t try to cope with this issue alone.

I’m pregnant – do I have to leave school?

  • No, there is no need for you to leave school. There are many supports available within school to help you.
  • If you do need to be absent from school in the later stages of pregnancy or immediately following the birth of your baby, you are entitled to home tuition (9 hours a week for 10 weeks).

Contact the Dept. of Education and Science Post Primary Section Ph: 076 110 8581

Contact your local Intreo Office to find out about social welfare entitlements.

Dun Laoghaire Ph: 01 214 5540      Rathfarnham Ph: 01 673 2000

I’m worried about my friend, I don’t know what to do:

She has started to drink every weekend and is missing a lot of school. She seems very stressed about something but won’t talk to any of her friends about what’s going on. How can I help her?

  • Don’t take it all on yourself – ask someone for advice
  • Encourage your friend to talk to someone they trust, perhaps a family
    member, school counsellor, a youth worker or a friend.
  • Give your friend a list of supports that may be able to help.

List of supports:
Childline: 1800 66 66 66
Teenline: (8-11pm 7 days a week)  1800 833 634
Teen Counselling: Boylan Centre, Dun Laoghaire (01) 557 4705

Online supports:
Reach Out

Your Mental Health



How do I change schools?

You need to apply in writing to the school of your choice, including your age and year to which you are applying. Also request a copy of the school’s admission policy. The school should then give you a decision in writing within 21 days.

My local school won’t let me enrol, what now?

If a school has refused you a school place and you are not happy with that decision, you can appeal it, under what is called a Section 29 Appeal (see below).

I’ve been suspended (20 days or more) / expelled – what happens now?

Your school must notify the Educational Welfare Services. If you are not happy with this decision your parents (or you if you are 18+) have a right to appeal under what is called a Section 29 Appeal.

You can do this by filling in an Appeals form which is available on request from the school or downloadable from the Dept. of Education and Skills website.

If you attend an ETB school, you must first appeal to the ETB – your school will give you a form. If unsuccessful in this appeal, you then can appeal to the Dept. of Education and Skills. (Parents Section)   Appeals Admin Unit: 0761 108 588.

In our next blog we will deal with the different Supports @ School, the places where you can get advice, support and guidance.

If you need more information on your options you can contact us.