Before we talk about the tips for finding work experience we just want to say quickly that when you do get it, and do it, it will be a great addition to your CV.  We do CV’s all the time and it really is great to be able to add in the work experience to your CV when you start looking for your first job.  So two things; yes it is a part of Transition Year but it also is a great stepping stone to finding your first job!

The Tips!

  1. Think of the type of work you are interested in. If you are stuck for ideas look on the website for information about different careers.
  2. Find out the names and contact details of companies or organisations that operate within your chosen field.
  3. Ask your friends and family if they know of anybody that works in the industry and if they do, ask them could they mention that you are looking for work experience.
  4. Why not consider working for local voluntary organizations or community groups,  such as charity shops, your local youth service, or for other ideas look at

Stop and have a think about how you are going to approach the company.  It is probably best to have a letter/email at the ready (we can help with this!). In it you might say:

  • Why you would like to work there
  • Mention whether you are covered by your schools insurance
  • How many days a week you are looking to work
  • For how long, (a week, a month, all day, afternoons, etc.)
  • Whether you have any computer skills
  • The dates that you are looking for work experience
  • Your strengths and why you are suited to working there
  • Add your name and contact details to the letter
  • Make sure that you have prepared for a possible interview!

Finally, have an idea who your support network is and don’t be afraid to use them.  They could be teachers, parents, grandparents, friends whomever they are, if you are having a bit of difficulty ask them for help!  You can also contact your local Youth Information Officer who would be more than happy to help you with the letter or anything other information you need!

We can answer your questions about finding work experience, you can contact us here .