Leaving Certificate results 2020

The results of the Leaving Certificate Calculated Grades will be issued on Monday, 7 September 2020.

CAO process – Key Dates

Sept 11thRound 1 offers: 11th September: available from 14:00 online – also issued by e-mail and text
Applicants who have not received an offer will receive a ‘Statement of Application’ e-mail.
Sept 16thRound 1 Acceptances closing date: 16th September, 2020 (3:00pm)
Round 2 offers: 23rd September, 2020 (10:00 am): available from 10:00 online
Round 2 Acceptances closing date 25th September, 2020 (12:00pm)
Round 3 offers: 1st October, 2020 from 10:00
Round 3 reply date: 6th October, 2020 by 15:00

The CAO have a very useful video on how to accept an offer. You can watch it here.

Accepting an Offer

Applicant texts/ email will be sent (at intervals) from 13:00 on 11 September. Level 8 texts will issue first, followed by Level 7/6 texts. Students may receive their offer at different times due to the large volume of notifications being issued, or because of phone connectivity problems, so don’t be concerned if you have not received a text and a friend has.

If you don’t receive an email or text, you should still log in to your account from 14:00 on 11th September to check if you have received an offer. If you log in and accept an offer, you may not subsequently receive your offer email and this should not cause any concern. Once the applicant can log in, view and accept their offer, they no longer require an offer notification email.

When an applicant accepts an offer they will receive a confirmation email.
There will be no paper offer notices for any offer round this year.
As per last year, applicants can expect heavy traffic and possible delays on the CAO website when trying to access their CAO account for a short period after 14:00 on the 11th September. Please remain patient and try again later. Applicants will have until 16th September at 15:00 to accept an offer.

It would be a good idea, before Round One offers to log in to your account to check that you have the correct password and log in information to ensure the offer and acceptance process runs as smoothly as possible for you on the day.

You can check out our guide ‘What Next – after the Leaving Certificate 2020’ for more information on this year’s Leaving Cert.

If you have any questions on accepting an offer, or any other part of the CAO system we would be happy to help you answer them.