Ok, hands up, we confess it’s not really a guide to everything gay, but this book created by Bray LGBTQ+ youth group, still manages to give a huge amount of information for anyone wondering about the LGBTQ+ experience

You can download or view a pdf copy of ‘A Guide To All Things Gay’ by clicking here

The youth group worked on the book with YouthSpin on and off right through 2018.  From the early days of discussions on what kind of content should be in the book, through to making decisions about the content and how it should look, the young people have put a huge amount of work in to getting the finished product available now.

The content page pictured below shows you the range of subjects the group decided to include. There are some serious topics in it and some light-hearted topics.

The group wanted the book to be informative and relevant.  They wanted it to be easy to read and not full of text. The audience they were aiming at was an ambitious, ‘everyone’. So hopefully it will appeal to young people that are gay, older people that are straight, people that are questioning their sexuality, or just curious. It hopefully appeals to professionals working with young people, and to parents.

We have been and will be distributing the books freely to schools and youth groups in the Co Wicklow area, but as we obviously have a limited amount of copies available we also wanted to make it available as a download

We are however also holding a number of copies back for people that request one, so if you would like a hard copy please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Bray LGBTQ+ Youth group continues to meet each Tuesday evening in Bray.